Social media platforms are the places where you can best represent your corporate and individual identity. Social media marketing is an incredible opportunity to provide value to your existing and potential customers, put your brand and services to the forward. If you want to turn this opportunity into a reality, you can benefit from my services.

How Do I Manage Your Social Media?

First, I develop strategies for your brand and create a roadmap by analyzing corporate identity. In this way, I offer steps that will move your brand forward by creating fully customized digital performance solutions for you.

Then, I implement sharing, content and design plans for all your social media accounts as part of the strategies I created. I develop need-oriented advertising models with sector and customer analysis.


  • Management of social media accounts. (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • Developing strategies according to corporate identity analysis.
  • Building content calendar.
  • Regular sharing on your social media accounts.
  • Providing periodic growth of your customers.
  • Responding to customers’ demands and comments.

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